Marko G. Shekalage
Program Manager

I personally along with the entire team of Women HRDs Coalition had an opportunity to be trained by the experienced and diverse team of experts not only in human rights but both in financial and organizarional management. The team of trainers has practical understanding of CSOs working environment, coalition building, international human rights mechanism, strategic government engagemet and CSOs statutory obligations which added value into our financial and organizartional management training. The real experience on CSOs operation and financial management maximized the undertanding of the secretariat and the Board members on their roles, bounderies and responsibilities in managing and governing the Coalition. Managing the Coalition is completelly a very complex role , however with the practical knowledge shared by the EAHRI team , we are now confidently making progress as a newly established coalition of Women HRDs in Tanzania. The EAHR team has been always avalable , part of our family and willing to help even on probono basis.