a) We provide technical support, assist HRDs/NGOs access various regional and international human rights mechanisms.

b) We provide training and information on human rights instruments and regional/international human rights law.

c) We empower community’s knowledge of states obligations and level of compliance with human rights instruments.

d) We conduct capacity building and continued education to human rights defenders, government officials, judicial personnel and students across the region.

e) We do research and advocacy on contemporary human rights issues on consultancy basis.

f) We offer both offline and online registered and recognized short courses on human rights and international human rights law.

g) We publish articles, books, journals, and reports related to human rights.

h) We collaborate with charities, voluntary bodies, East African Community, universities, government authorities in the region to advance the culture of human rights through human rights education.

i) To incorporate monitoring, documentation, and reporting of human rights in East Africa region

j) We engage and collaborate with international bodies on advancing basic rights and freedoms in east Africa countries.

k) We offer technical and expert support to communities in the follow up and implementation of court judgments for breach of human rights within the East Africa community.

l) We provide expert opinion to governments in relation to state human rights obligations under regional and international human rights mechanisms.

m) We strategically engage with government authorities, voluntary bodies, charities, universities in the region to advance the culture of human rights through human rights education.

n) We do human rights consultancy and capacity building to human rights NGOs


EAHRI implements its activities though a pool of external/adjunct and internal human rights and NGOs experts. EAHRI secretariate outsource key experts relevant to any assignment under EAHRI and work with them through an agreed MoU. Our team is composed of members with expertise in the areas of human rights in general , extractive industry, freedom of expression, Civil Society sector management, access to justice, human rights mechanisms, public interest litigation, human rights defenders, natural resources, governance issues, cultural rights, political rights, legal aid, civic space, disabilities rights, CSOs compliance, gender/ women rights, climate change, pastoralism, education, health, sexual reproductive health, children rights, policy analysis, human rights advocacy to mention a few. We have also entered MoU with several universities as part of ensuring they also participate in shaping the direction of human rights education in this sub-region. Currently EAHRI has an affiliation with the University of Dar es Salaam and St Augustine University in Tanzania.